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Go2Bazaar.com FAQs

What is Go2Bazaar.com?
Go2Bazaar.com is an online Marketplace.
Here you can:
  1. Purchase from a wide variety of stores.
  2. Sell from your own store.
  3. Or you can do both.

How to purchase from Go2Bazaar.com?
Go2Bazaar.com makes your order process very easy.

You can order in only 3 steps:
  1. Choose your desired items and add them into your basket.
  2. Provide your shipping address.
  3. Make the Payments.

How to make Payments at Go2Bazaar.com?
At this moment to make the Payments for purchasing, you have to be a registered member(which is free).

The steps are as follow:
  1. Become a Registered Member.
  2. Recharge your Account(Go2Bazar Acount Pay).
  3. Make the Payments for your selected items with it(Go2Bazar Acount Pay).
Other ways for making the payments(i.e.- Paypal, Credit Card, Mobile Payments etc) will be implemented one by one :)

How do I register at Go2Bazaar.com?
Registration at Go2Bazaar.com is free.
Just fill in the Registration Form at "Register Page" with necessary information and submit.

Where to contact for further information?
Please use the "Contact Us" page for any kind of Contacts or Enqueries.

Become a Seller

How to sell online from Go2Bazaar.com?
You can become a Seller and sell your products online from Go2Bazaar.com easily.
  1. Become a Registered Member.
  2. Create your Store(s).
  3. Upload your products into your Store(s) with necessary information(i.e.- description, quantity/stock, images/photos etc).
  4. Sell online :)

Can I create or own more than one Store at Go2Bazaar.com?
Yes, you can create multiple stores at Go2Bazaar.com.

How much does it cost to open a store at Go2Bazaar.com?
Creating First Store is free. For next stores please contact with us.

Can I sell to or buy from outside of Bangladesh?
Yes, you can sell to or buy from all over the world.